Expanding our notion of Web Literacy

images-1Thank you to Laura for preparing a versatile and interactive forum for all of us when considering the issue of Web Literacy based on Mozilla’s Teaching How to Read, Write, and Participate on the Web – Web Literacy for Educators.  Laura’s presentation (as remix) had us think about some key questions including:  What is Web Literacy? Which aspects are most important for students?  Who should be responsible for teaching them?  It seem to me that certain competencies were assumed or familiar to us (i.e. web mechanics, search skills, credibility, and composing).  But other skills seemed to push our initial assumptions about what is necessary to be web literate in the 21st century (i.e. coding/scripting/designing, & privacy issues).  Unknown-2I enjoyed our discussion of these skills in particular, and it was compelling to read all of your very different blogs which accounted for your various explorations with the Mozilla online activities.  It seemed a unanimous concern that these unanticipated skills and competencies have not yet been covered effectively or comprehensively in our schools.  In this sense, Mozilla’s effort to support teachers in thinking through the key competencies that lead to web literacy stands as a important contribution to preparing our students for the digital present and future.

Next up:

Debbie will wrap up our discussion of Net Smart with Chapter 5 & 6 next Wednesday. She will lead our discussion in the first half of class, and for the second half of class I hope you will continue your discussion of the final project.  You started an important note pad in which you have jotted down a variety of early ideas for the project thus far.  I sense that you might need to take a step back and consider the learning outcomes you seek to establish in the context of this course.  If you can apprehend what learning outcomes might be more meaningful to you as individuals and as a whole, that will help a great deal in designing a project that is worthwhile.

For next week:

-Read Chapter 5 & 6 of Net Smart.  Blog about the reading.

-Include at the end of your blog some thoughts regarding the learning outcomes that would be meaningful to you in the context of this course.  **What do you want to learn in New Media Studies?  What skills and knowledge do you hope to take from this course?   What forms of learning would integrate most effectively with your own interests and goals at this point in your academic journey?

-Remember to tweet your blog and share/discover through our #NewMediaStudies hashtag and network.

See you next Wednesday!


Dr. Zamora



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