Filtering selves through media

Thank you to Maria & Jessica for teaming up to walk us through Chapters 2 & 3 of Jill Walker Rettberg’s Seeing Ourselves Through Technology: How We Use Selfies, Blogs and Wearable Devices to See and Shape Ourselves.  Maria & Jessimages-2ica spurned another animated discussion of how our perceptions of our selves and others are filtered via techne & media.  Those filters refer to both the apps and digital tools that aid us in editing our images, but also (perhaps more importantly) the cultural filters that have shaped our view onto the world.  What aspects of reality do we filter out?  What conventions do we take for granted without question?  What ideologies have we been steeped in, that shape our perception of “reality”?  This term is indeed a useful metaphor when thinking about the stakes of self representation (in the digital age). There are the filters we empUnknownloy to exact forms of control over our self-representation, and there are also the cultural filters that limit our own self understanding as we attempt to project a version of (our evolving) self.  We spoke of distinctions in public verses private lives, of intimacy, of what “knowing someone” may or may not mean.  In this day and age, we are leaving the digital bread crumbs of our own personal narrative arc in each and every act of social writing.  Can we exert a control over that story in the age of remix and refraction redux?  I enjoyed thinking about the stakes of “shaping” a life online with all of you.  It is not the kind of reflection that will end soon.

Next week (Wed. 4/6) I will be in Houston for the Conference on College Composition & Communication (better known as the “4Cs”).
In lieu of our usual class gathering, I have assigned “support working groups” for each of you to work in while developing your profile and ads for your own “Air-B-N-Me character“.  In short, you and group mates should plan to meet at Starbucks during our usual class period on 4/6 for a creative brainstorming session, where you aid each other in timages-4aking the first key steps in participating the Air-B-N-Me #netprov game.   I suggest you email your group to confirm your working plan for next Wednesday afternoon.  In the week thereafter (for 4/13), you will be “lurfing” (surfing into someone else life for a few minutes), and then posting reviews on the Air-B-N-Me website.  (Here is the link to the Air-B-N-Me website where you need to register and upload your character info.  You will also need to email Mark Marino or Rob Wittig with a confirmation of your character’s name (see this instruction doc).  As I said in class, do your best to proceed with the creative character development (with peer support as inspiration), and when we convene in two weeks for class, we will revisit this work together for the active “game” part of the experience (lurfing & reviews).

For Wednesday 4/13, Marissa will lead us through Chapter 2 & 3 of Participatory Culture in a Networked Era by Jenkins, Ito, & boyd.  She will also address: Vlogging, Teens, & Literacy (School Library Journal).  Please blog about these readings.  And also, remember to keep going with the development/write-up of your new-new media adventure-experiment!  Your rough draft will be peer edited soon.

Enjoy the creative work!!


Dr. Zamora


Here is the document you need to refer to plan your Air-B-N-Me work this week.  Have fun!


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