Learning, Literacy & Commercial Culture

images-1Thanks Dave for your excellent presentation on learning, literacy, & commercialism in the context of participatory culture.  I think that your readings (Chapters 4 & 5 of Participatory Culture in a Networked Era by Jenkins, Ito, & boyd) were particularly suited for you (considering your current professional context).  Your “weigh in” on current trends in journalism was an interesting lens for all of us to consider.  We spoke about how learning has been transformed by the affordances of new media tools, and we reflected on the role of the teacher in a connected learning environment.   We thought a bit about the attention economy, and what kinds of norms support participatory culture?  We also considered what “high quality listening” might look like in a networked environment.  With the expansion of who is able to produce and share culture comes a new urgency for both responsibility and accountability.  It is exciting to think about the new reality of user generated innovation and networked intelligence, but the question will always remain – to whose benefit?  The authors grappled with models of alternative governance and new revenue models that might more accurately reflect the participants in participatory culture.

imagesGeneral updates:

-Quanesha & Devon will be presenting on chapters 6 & 7 of Participatory Culture in a Networked Era by Jenkins, Ito, & boyd.   Please read and blog for class.

-You will peer review your final project post of your new-new media adventure.  Please have the rough draft ready to share with a partner in class. Last week you developed a set of peer review questions that will be applied to your final project rough draft.  With your partner you will exchange feedback on your drafts (using the questions as a benchmark for the goals for this writing).

-In the final presentation week (May 4th), we will work to set up the Final Project website together and make sure all materials are dropped down in that site.

-Please note:  As we discussed earlier, your final blog for class will be the Air-B-N-Me blog – due between now and May 4th.  The blog should be both an account and an analysis of your experience playing along with Air-B-N-Me.

See you all soon!!

Dr. Zamora

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