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images-3Thanks Debbie for spurning a great discussion of the way online networks (and our social practices) have shaped the interconnected world.  From SNA (Social Network Analysis) to networked individualism, from PLNs to social & knowledge capital, Rheingold’s text has continually prompted us to see the difference between empowered participation verses passive reception.  At the heart of this sentiment is a hopeful understanding of what it takes to build a dynamic democracy and a more thoughtful society, one in which each individual can play a role.

Thank you Debbie for connecting our contemporary new media reflections to the universal human condition and the concerns of the past.  Indeed the ancient Greeks were also interesteUnknownd in the social practices of community.  We had a bit of fun when we read our chorus lines from Lysistrata.  Like Rheingold, Aristophanes too had a few ideas about the public good, and he often made (bawdy) jokes about the gullibility of fellow citizens.  In this sense (in some uncanny way) both Net Smart and Lysistrata share the timeless provocation of asking how collaboration may (or may not) add up to change that matters.

Finally, it seems that you have the beginnings of a final project design.  Next week, I hope you will all pick up on that conversation, and start to pin down some parameters in order to move forward.  I will help scaffold such a task once you have really settled on your vision.

Next up:

As we continue to reflect on that key question:  “Is life online eroding or enriching our embodied lives?”  we enter into the next phase of the course which will be an extended consideration of “selfie” culture.  Next week Matt will walk us through a discussion of four scholarly blog posts by well know digital media scholar Liz Losh:

Selfie Pedagogy I: The Digital Humanities and Selfie Culture

Selfie Pedagogy II: Internet Identity and Selfie Practices

Selfie Pedagogy III: Networked Spaces, Slut Shaming and Putting Selfies in Dialogue with Theory

Selfie Pedagogy IV: Diversity, Netprov and Service Learning

Please read all four blog posts (taking care to link out and read via the hypertext affordances of the blog genre).

For next week:

-Blog a thoughtful response to the four readings.

-Again, remember to tweet your blog and share/discover through our #NewMediaStudies hashtag and network.

Great class last night.  See you next week!

Dr. Zamora



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