Online Youth Culture & Participation

images-1Thanks Marissa for a smart Prezi presentation of Chapters 2 & 3 of Participatory Culture in a Networked Era by Jenkins, Ito, & boyd; as well as Garcia’s Vlogging, Teens, & Literacy.  I enjoyed our discussion of online youth culture and practices, as well as “genres of participation”.   We all have plenty to say about these issues, and our conversations always keep me reflecting further.  From society’s (problematic) ambivalence – being fearful for and fearful of youth – there is certainly much ado about teens & technology.  A few highlights:  -I found the authors’ s consideration of “visibility” interesting, as well as the notion of being private in public (i.e. the ability of youth to develop sophisticated ways to code/veil intent in public spaces; “hiding in plain sight”; “firewalls of visibility”).   -The promise of intergenerational online/digital mentorship seemed to me an exciting and hopeful point of reflection (i.e in an online context, my kids might have plenty to teach me, but I still have plenty to teach them…).   -The telling metaphors of “digital native” verses “digital immigrant” – these words we use reveal quite a bit about our cultural assumptions and expectations around online cUnknown-2ulture, no?   -I also found the difference between interest-driven vs. friendship-driven participation culture a critical distinction (i.e. the difference between just Hanging Out vs Geeking Out).  Thanks again Marissa for engendering another lively new media studies chat.


1.  We all agreed that the period of time to tinker and play in the #NetProv experiment (Air-B-N-Me) should be extended for the next couple of weeks, and that each of you should write one blog post on this work.   Your Air-B-N-Me blog is due between now and May 4th, and the blog should be both an account and an analysis of your experience playing along with Air-B-N-Me.

2.  Next class David will present on Chapter 4 & 5 of Participatory Culture in a Networked Era by Jenkins, Ito, & boyd.  Please read and blog about this material.

3.  We will do some peer review  work on your final project account of your new-new media adventure.  Please have a rough draft ready to share with a few classmates/partners.

4.  In “part 2” of class (after Dave’s presentation) – we will discuss Air-B-N-Me some more, and we will also set up our peer-review protocol for the final project editing.

See you soon!!

Dr. Zamora



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