Our Final Class Plans….

images-2So we are on the final home stretch, finishing off our semester long discussion of New Media Studies.  It has been a pleasure to have had this extended conversation with you.  I, for one, know I have learned a great deal with you over the course of our time together.

This post outlines the official plan for next Wednesday 5/11, and includes everything you need to accomplish to wrap up the semester in good standing:

1.  Each of you will submit your Final Self Assessment and Portfolio for New Media Studies.  This will be a 1-2 page self assessment narrative about what you learned in the course, along with the links to all your work over the course of the semester.  Please follow the instructions in this link, and please send me the link to your Final Self Assessment and Portfolio via email before class (5/11).

2.  For all students contributing to the Final Class Project:

Wow.  Your posts are truly amazing and I have learned so much by reading each of your accounts!  There is just one part left to complete:  The “About Us” section.  Everyone should complete a brief (few sentence) bio, and then they should be included in alphabetical order on the “About Us” page.  Since you all have admin access to the site, you should be able to insert your bio easily enough.  I will try to draft a descriptive paragraph of the project there as well, but please edit as you see fit.  When we are together in class, we can check on this together and tweak it.

3.  So our last class on Wednesday is a Potluck Dinner Party.  Unknown-1Everyone should bring something so we can all feast together.  Here is the sign up sheet – please post what you will take (and you can also see what others have in mind there in order to round out the menu).  While we are eating and chatting, I hope each of you will take turns sharing out your new New Media Adventure stories (informal style).

See you for our grand finale party.  We can celebrate your fantastic work this semester, and the approach of summertime!! 🙂

xo -Dr. Zamora


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